Snow {a simple post}


What is snow? I googled that question yesterday after being stuck on the untreated icy roads for four hours before having to walk part of the way home.
It is crazy seeing all the southerners, including myself, get so wound up about the 2 inches of powder cold stuff on the ground. This small example shows how people always want what they don’t have. Those up north want the warmth of the south, whereas we are dying to experience a “real winter”. It is quite perplexing and I could elaborate on the thought-provoking questions that snow surfaces, but this time I’d rather be outside playing in the snow than pondering why I have the urge to play in the snow.

I would finish there, but I can not possibly write about snow and forget to mention the XGames. It could be debated that I have a small addiction to adrenaline and experiencing new and impossible feats. That being said, it is no surprise that last week I spent my nights watching the XGames and moments like this on ESPN:

Before I graduate college I am going to watch the XGames in Aspen, Colorado. But for now I will pray for snow.

And, the praying paid off.


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