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above the waves

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So many days I wake up from a dream and experience a short period of time where I don’t know if I am conscious or unconscious. This is a weird, hazy moment for me but I don’t only feel it at 6:00am every morning. No. I feel it multiple times a day, and sometimes multiple days in a week. The feeling isn’t a bad feeling per say, but it is a peculiar feeling at the least. Actually, the word for it is: confusing.

Disclaimer: This may or may not contain any answers to any gigantic question, and could possibly turn out to be simply confusing (much like this video)

I took one of those character strength quizzes (and I even read a book on character strengths… but that is a story for another time) and turns out that my top character strength is futuristic. This is a blessing because it means that I can daydream for hours on end, but at the same time it is a curse because I always...

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Snow {a simple post}


What is snow? I googled that question yesterday after being stuck on the untreated icy roads for four hours before having to walk part of the way home.
It is crazy seeing all the southerners, including myself, get so wound up about the 2 inches of powder cold stuff on the ground. This small example shows how people always want what they don’t have. Those up north want the warmth of the south, whereas we are dying to experience a “real winter”. It is quite perplexing and I could elaborate on the thought-provoking questions that snow surfaces, but this time I’d rather be outside playing in the snow than pondering why I have the urge to play in the snow.

I would finish there, but I can not possibly write about snow and forget to mention the XGames. It could be debated that I have a small addiction to adrenaline and experiencing new and impossible feats. That being said, it is no...

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the wild ones

Naive is what they call us, and by “they” I mean the rest of society, and by “us” I mean the younger generation. It is assumed that we will conform to the way the world works; and how dare we ever desire to change it. So maybe naive isn’t the best word to use when describing the future rulers of the world. We just see through a different pair of Warby Parkers.

Wild? Possibly. Too wild? Never. The Now generation is split into two distinctive categories, and leaves no room for middle ground. There are the world changers who are radical, dreamers, impulsive, risky, and yes … wild. Then there are the world waiters who are safe, practical, methodical, molded, and the majority. Society is dominated by the thoughts and ideas of the world waiters, so I’ve decided to contribute some text focusing on the world changers (aka the wild ones).

Although Steve Jobs is not considered to be...

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